VOX is a different kind of church. Good different.

We’re a lean, all-volunteer Christian community, built on values, not dogma. VOX is safe to belong – we really mean it! Everybody’s welcome, and we usually have donuts.


In the beginning (2016), VOX started out as a podcast, hosted by Mike Erre and Andy Lara. In time, a church grew up around that podcast, meeting weekly in Placentia, CA. Eventually, the church grew into our scrappy, all-volunteer, Christian community.

Officially, VOX is a 501c3, with a Board and budget. We run a lean operation – we’re kind of a pop-up church, without a permanent venue. Most Sundays, we meet in a community center, and at least one Sunday each quarter, we get out of the ‘building’ to serve.

By design, VOX is a little loose. We’re not big on production value. We do try to be very intentional about the kind of community we are, though. Our motto is ‘safe to belong,’ and we have all sorts of people, in different stages of faith, participating and pitching in.

You can read the VOX values below!

The best way to see what VOX is all about is to check it out yourself. Every Sunday gathering is a little different – one week might have a speaker, another might have a story. You can see what’s coming up on the VOX calendar, and if you like it, you can plug in!

FAQs ⟶





When VOX was first founded, in lieu of a doctrinal statement, we launched with three core values and several commitments. Here’s the full founding document. In sum, this is what VOX stands for.


The church exists to love and serve the world, not stand in judgment of it. Jesus of Nazareth is the full and final picture of what God is like. We’re committed to being a Jesus-shaped community.


The church should be the safest place to talk about anything. Come with all your doubts, questions, addictions, hang-ups, screw-ups, and brokenness. VOX is a place of permission. It’s safe to belong.


The church should captivate the hearts and minds of the next generation. We’ll include the kids wherever we can, generally be adventurous, and try new things. It’s okay if some of it doesn’t work.





By design, VOX does not have a doctrinal statement. We don’t really think that’s the point, anyway. In our community, you’ll find people across the spectrum of Christian faith, representing different views on different issues. The result is a mild, intentional tension that we approach with humility and a desire to listen, learn, and serve.

VOX does not have a lead teaching pastor, either. Instead, in a given month, we get to hear a diversity of voices. Traditional, progressive, and everything else. One might focus on social justice, and another might emphasize spiritual discipline. At VOX, we prioritize personal discernment – you can listen and decide what you think.

At the center of everything we do is Jesus and the Eucharist. A quote from VOX’s original founding document:

We come to the table to meet with Jesus. It’s the most compelling invitation ever offered.

You’re invited. With your questions and doubts. With your hang-ups and screw-ups. With your addictions and brokenness. The table is for you.

The bread and the cup. They’re for you.