What is a Process Group?

A Process Group is a safe space designed for a small number of people to engage, share, and explore selected criteria presented by a facilitator. These groups are short term commitments, often 8-10 weeks at a time. In some cases the content may be relevant to your specific needs while simultaneously helpful for an attender for experience and training purposes for future pastoring or coaching opportunities.

In partnership with Freedom Movement, they have offered two new process groups to attend.

VOX Community is currently expanding our commitment to invest ministry finances towards mental health resources. As part of this effort we have offered to pay 50% of the price for these workshops for you to attend. Partnering with Freedom Movement provides us affordable access to professionally developed content and curriculum. Furthermore, Freedom Movement’s core function is to partner with churches and their people in order to bring awareness and healing to the mental health epidemic.

The Process groups are intended to  act as an experience and a resource for you. Our vision for the church is to become a type of people, not prop up a certain kind of place. We hope that we can equip our people to engage the mental health crisis in their communities, among their friends and families. A process group is a great opportunity to gather tools for how to process with others and experience it for yourself. Have you thought of how you’re going to handle when someone shares with you, I am struggling with depression, anxiety, or my mental health and I need help? At the rising rate of this issue, it isn’t a matter of if someone will ask you, but when. These resources are our way to develop and help you to be prepared.




This year we are excited to offer you new workshops related to the mental, emotional, and spiritual care needs at VOX Community. We have partnered with The Freedom Center, a new facility that exists to provide different forms of counseling, coaching, and spiritual care for the local community. 

These workshops are hosted by Karrie Garcia where she will provide training on many different topics over the next year. RSVP is helpful for us to plan for hospitality purposes, but not necessary for attendance. 

These trainings are not only beneficial for those looking for insight into steps regarding their own personal care, but also as tools for you and how you learn to care for those in your own spheres of influence and community around you.

The Freedom Center

710 S. Cambridge St
Orange, CA 92866


Join us for our next workshop | NOV 27th 2018 Tuesday 7-9pm, The Freedom Center

Topic > Grief and the Holidays

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