The Purpose of the Bible - Bonnie Lewis

Bonnie targets the appropriate way to apply the Word of God to those who are hurting. She cites how the Pharisees were renowned for their scriptural knowledge, yet they often poorly applied the scripture. With good intentions, Christians can fall into this mode when responding to the hurts of others with Cliché responses such as “All things work together for good,” “Everything happens for a reason”, “God helps those who help themselves”, “God needed another angel”, etcetera. Bonnie stresses how God’s word should always be carefully used in a way that brings peace, refuge, and healing. This requires us to take responsibility and become “People of Text”, who research verses in biblical context and by cross-referencing. Digger deeper into the meaning of select verses allows us the opportunity to powerfully transform lives.

Storytelling by Sada Arcade

Sada Arcade shares how she dealt with despair in her life. The eating disorder, bulimia, entered her life at age 14. She left a Russian faith-based church that encouraged her family to sever ties with her. She suffered in an abusive marriage. After a period of spiritual wandering, she eventually restored family relationships, remarried, and had a child. Later, Sada had an enlightening moment with God’s Word, and she gained control of her bulimia. After a few years of controlling the problem, she found herself falling back into the bulimia cycle. 13 years later, the struggle continues, but Sada has learned that you don’t have to be completely healed to share the good news of Christ, and God ultimately reigns.

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Posted on May 28, 2017 and filed under teaching.