Naked and Unashamed - Bonnie Lewis

This week, Bonnie Lewis walks us through the practice of burnt offering described in Leviticus 1—specifically, the custom of skinning the sacrificial animals. The skinning, unique to the Israelites’ offering, carries significance because it represents being discovered by God while naked. In Genesis 3, when Adam and Eve sinned and found themselves naked, God did not just expel them from the garden; He provided a garment for them and clothed them. In the New Testament, Jesus uses this imagery and language from the offering in the tabernacle when he teaches us to not worry about clothes because he will provide us with what we need. The key is, unlike in the Old Testament, in which the Israelites were commanded to bring offerings to make atonement for sin, Jesus shows us a new covenant where there are no more sacrifices to be made. Jesus saw us beautiful while we were still sinners and offered himself as the perfect sacrifice.

Storytelling from Kali Echaves

Kali Echaves shares with us how she found God’s grace as she was fighting anxiety, depression and physical health issues. Her anxiety had become so severe that she felt hunted by God; she couldn’t even read the Bible, sing praise songs, or go to church. As she was going through a painful process of therapy, medications, and lifestyle changes, all she could do was to pray to God for His mercy. One day, she realized that God sees her and meets with her exactly where she is.

VOX Team Writer

Rina Kim

Posted on April 30, 2017 and filed under teaching.