After the Resurrection - Mike Erre

Mike’s teaching today illustrated that there is room for all of us in God’s kingdom…those who fail, those who are full of doubt and even those of us who miss the point God is trying to make in our lives. The basis of his teaching was in the book of John, chapter 20, where it gives an account of Jesus’s resurrection from the dead, especially centering on His follower’s various weaknesses at that time. Mike talked about how these devotees were grieving, doubting and even leaving the city. Even though these eyewitnesses had actually walked and talked with Him, they were still in process regarding their faith. Still, Jesus served them and treated them with love, not rebuking them for their fears, doubts, or wherever they were in their process. The point is that sometimes our own journey with God also gives way to a lack of faith and understanding, but He is there to love and comfort us no matter where we are.

Storytelling by Victoria Luong

Victoria related her personal story with us today. She suffers from depression, anxiety and PTSD. When she realized she would have to begin a medication regimen, she grew frustrated and angry with God. She felt forsaken by Him and wondered why He hadn’t “fixed” her. This at times led her to turn her back on Him. But Victoria has experienced growth as a result of her suffering; she has come to understand that He has a purpose for her life.

VOX Team Writer

Marlene Craig

Posted on April 23, 2017 and filed under teaching.