Evidence for the Resurrection

In this Vox Community message, Mike Erre provides Bible an external evidence to support the reality of Christ's resurrection. He presents numerous facts upon which many secular scholars and Christian scholars agree. He advances the evidence with additional supportive points. Rebuttal is provided for some alternative perspectives/theories held by some resurrection skeptics. Then, through personal application of this resurrection message, we find that the resurrection provides us immense hope for now, and later.

Questions from our Q&A:
1. “How do we follow the command to honor the elderly as we would our parents, when parents may have been highly abusive or estranged?”
2. “What steps are being taken by VOX to equip us to be missional?”
3. “What resources are there to reach friends who are atheist or agnostic?”

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VOX Team Writer

Gary Mullen

Posted on April 2, 2017 and filed under teaching.