Dear VOX Community,

As of February 13th, 2018 our President and Team Leader, Mike Erre, has submitted his resignation from Vox Community. We have graciously accepted that resignation for a number of reasons. This past week, we have been in constant prayer and discussion with our Teaching Team, as the decision did not come in the form of an executable plan, but an inevitable result of escalating tension within the leadership team. 

This past Sunday, we brought this news to the community. Please listen to the recording near the bottom as it helps to explain the future of VOX  and our commitment to it's flourishing in the community.

Andy, David, Christina, and Izzi.

Resignation Statement from Mike Erre

Since my transition to Ohio, we have had many conversations about the future leadership structure at VOX.  Many of you have given us great feedback about this. We’ve wrestled with what is best for the long-term health of the community: should I have a more visible presence in the community, or should we release the community to establish local leadership and have me play less of a role? 

This question has become more important over the last several months, as I have done a poor job leading our team. I have been isolated and aloof.  Our team and our church have deserved better. 

It was during one of those conversations about the future of VOX this week that I said something harsh and hurtful to one of our team members. This is unacceptable. It was clear in that moment that I needed to step down both for the sake of the church, but more importantly because I had lost the trust of the team. 

I immediately offered my resignation; and in the best interest of the community and the leadership team, my resignation was accepted. 

I am sorry for those I have hurt. I am sorry I have not led better, and have not displayed Jesus-like character.  I ask for your forgiveness. 

Mike Erre


1. Will VOX Community continue to forward in Mike's absence?

- Absolutely. Our Staff leadership and Teaching team are deeply committed to our people at VOX and it's sustainability.

2. Is there any sexual scandal related to this incident? 

- No. 

3. Does the staff have a plan for new leadership?

- Yes. Prior to this past week, our priority conversation was new governance and planning movement toward local leadership vs Mike leading from Ohio. We will continue with that plan, and be offering details in weeks to come.

At any time please feel free to contact us at info@voxoc.com for any questions.