We are very excited for your feedback and participation this last year at VOX Community. You have deeply informed how we consider what we offer and experience in our community. Below we have included the slides from our meeting on Sunday Dec. 10, 2018. In addition you can listen to the meeting below or on the VOX Community Podcast.

We need your feedback!

VOX has always been a place especially sensitive to the questions and feedback from YOU! So much so, that many of the opportunities you’ve participated with have come from your thoughts, ie. Q&A during Sunday gathering and Care workshops (30% church attendance midweek!). As we venture into 2019, we are offering more opportunities to receive care, spiritually grow, and build relationships together.

Please head over to our survey to further let us know how we can curate these experiences to your needs.

Presentation Slides

4 Focal Points | 2019


Pre-Adoption Workshops

- Dispelling myths, knowing the facts, and sharing the multiple options.

Pre-Adoption Funding

- Funding adoptive families.

Post Adoption (growing family) Care

- Community support for new families and existing families that need a helping hand. IE, grocery shopping, respite, babysitting, or date nights.


Care Workshops

- Continuing our effort for topical support and post process groups.

Financial Partnership | Freedom Movement & Professional Counseling

- Building benevolence for those needing professional services and financially supporting those that elect to participate in Freedom Movements workshops and process groups.

Spiritual Practices Workshops

- Safe to Reclaim vision: Hosted by Ronny for discussing traditional and valuable church practices.

Church & Culture Discussion Workshops

- Bi-Weekly workshops for discussing contemporary  issues within church culture and the world we love and serve.


Public Access

- Public acknowledgement for access and opportunities for families and persons with a disability.

 Community Participation

- Opportunities for our community to serve and participate with the Disabilities Community

Financial Support

- Identifying opportunities to donate support for families or groups involved in serving this community.



- Sharing the stories of people here at VOX and within reach that have moved to compassion to love and serve the world, locally and abroad.

Community Participation

- Creating access points for our people to participate with these folks both in serving or financially.