VOX 2017 Recap and 2018 Vision


Mike Erre teaches about Jesus' mission on earth and shares about the past year and future of VOX Community. 

*Please Read*

During the presentation on Dec 3rd, we failed to present the financial state of VOX clearly and created some confusion about whether or not VOX was financial stable. During the Q&A and after, many questions arose. Below, we summed up the mass of the questions into the ones stated below in the FAQ. Hope this helps to understand that VOX in fact is financially stable and we're looking forward to new things in 2018.


With Mike in Ohio, who is actually leading Vox? I mean, how can Vox operate effectively and carry out its mission with an absentee leader?

At Vox, we are blessed to have solid leadership on several levels:

  • Board Leadership Team – consists of five (5) officers/directors and functions as a corporate board providing oversight to Mike and governance of the organization.
  • Staff Leadership Team – consists of Mike and four other staff.  This team handles strategic planning and operations.
  • Community Pastor Team – consists of 10 individuals with pastoral gifting. This team provides pastoral care to the Vox body; everything from hospital visits to weddings to funerals to pastoral counseling.
  • Volunteer Team – consists of ~140 individuals on a rotating schedule who make Sunday and other gatherings happen; everything from setup to teardown to tech to prayer to communion to worship to children’s ministries

You don’t always see all of these leadership layers as they are mostly working behind the scenes. We also don’t want to get buried down with multiple boards and committees.


I’m confused. In Mike’s review of the numbers, it looked like we are operating at a huge deficit and I am worried about the future of Vox. What’s going on?

What was presented was Budget vs. Actual. What was not made very clear is that actual giving more than covered actual expenses. Were we able to do all the things we would have liked to do? No. Did we receive enough to cover all essential expenses?  Yes.  Vox is meeting its financial obligations and covering costs.


I have been faithfully giving to Vox OC every month. And now I hear that a big chunk of money has been transferred to Vox OH. I feel betrayed.

Mike’s comment that we “spent” $100,000 on Vox OH wasn’t quite accurate. Going back to the beginning of Vox OC’s history: We were very blessed by a number of very large gifts to launch Vox OC. We used a chunk of those funds to purchase the “church in a box” equipment and pay for other startup expenses. After those expenditures, we still had a healthy reserve, as monthly giving covered monthly expenses. We decided to open a bank account that could be accessed from OH so that if giving started for Vox OH, we would be able to deposit checks in OH. Of the $100,000 that was put in another bank account, $780 was spent to reserve a domain name for Vox OH and starting expenses of banking supplies. That’s it. We basically put reserve funds from one pocket to another. At no time did we use any OC monthly giving to pay anything for OH.


I wasn’t really clear as to what Vox spends money on.  Can you give me a little more detail?

Salaries equal about 44%. Rents are at 22%, insurance is 6%, fees and honoraria is 5%, hospitality is 2%, office and other supplies is 1%, and the remaining 20% contains online giving service fees, printing expenses, benevolence, child care, postage, and other miscellaneous expenses, all of which are well under 1% of the total.