VOX started out as a podcast in 2015. There was no building, just two people talking into microphones about how Christians might better represent Jesus of Nazareth and speak faithfully and relevantly into the cultural issues of the day. The podcast developed a set of core convictions that still shape VOX today.

The response to the podcast was really positive, and a local community grew up around it. “If a church can have a podcast, why can’t a podcast have a church?” We started meeting weekly at the EDHS Performing Arts Center, setting up and tearing down every week.


In fall 2017, Mike moved to Ohio, and the physical expression of VOX retooled on the fly. We continued to meet weekly in the PAC. Over the next two years, we heard from guest speakers and our teaching team, an incredible mix of leaders and thinkers.

We started doing Table Fellowships, Care Workshops, and occasional meet-ups. In spring 2019, the Board, staff, and Community Pastors at VOX felt the need to effectively stop operations, due to financial realities.


The community that had grown up over three years took on the challenge of building out a new ‘expression’ of VOX, an all-volunteer and community-led version. We identified an alternate venue, developed a system for managing weekly needs, and began the process of resettling.

Today, we’re continuing that process, with a commitment to the values that created the community.