At VOX Community, we observe the Eucharist as the centerpiece for Sunday gatherings. It’s a beautiful symbol of Jesus’ sacrifice and invitation of association. We extend its symbolism in Table Fellowship as a reminder that Jesus had no hesitation to eat and drink with anyone.

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TABLE FELLOWSHIP is expressed in 3 ways...


The Corporate Table on Sundays, where we publicly gather to worship and observe the Eucharist together.

The Community Table (VOX DINNERS) offered in homes, for VOX Community attenders and their friends.

The Personal Table offered by you, for neighbors, co-workers, and family members in your own home for initiating counter-cultural friendships.


…are hosted by VOX team members selected for their excellent hospitality skills, are socially engaged in group settings, and reflect a stable spirit that makes room for all people in process.

…reflect the core values of VOX Community. It’s a safe place to talk about anything, serves its guests first, and seeks to engage the next generation.

…are a shared meal and conversational experience. We learn more about each other and explore new friendships over a meal together.   …are not a Bible study, small group, or curriculum based experience.  It’s an homage to a former era where new friends and neighbors eating together represented relief, service, and communal care.

...are gatherings designed to host 10-15 people, children included. Our desire is for you to find inspiration in these gatherings, that you might create time in your own life for Personal Table Fellowship in your own home.

Attend one of our VOX COMMUNITY DINNERS. We're looking forward to learning a bit more about you.