Leadership at VOX Community

On April 8th, 2018 we announced new team members as part of our next steps in our leadership plan at VOX Community.




When considering our next steps to reform our organizational structure we made the decision to separate the Organizational leadership and Spiritual Leadership responsibilities. In many churches often the President/CEO carries both under the title of "Lead Pastor." For us, this felt incongruent with our philosophy for accountability, further appointing separation between these roles. 

Below we explain our approach to our leadership philosophy at VOX Community, in hopes to provide some clarity for how we are currently structured. 



Community Leadership

Over the past two years we've developed a team of Community Pastors who act as our core leadership for the community. Their role is to serve directly along side you, providing home visits, hospital visits, officiate weddings and funerals etc. 

It is our hope, that our people ultimately see these folks as their pastors and friends. Caring for our people beyond expectation, praying constantly for you and our church, and becoming the unmistakable representation of peacemaking in our neighborhoods. 

The Community Pastors serve as volunteers (unpaid) in conjunction with the Staff, meeting quarterly to keep in step with vision and direction for the organization. These folks are currently hand selected from our Sunday Teams who have shown excellent character traits that align with VOX's core values.

Organizational Leadership

Our organization is a recognized 501(c)3 non-profit where we comply and meet all standards of necessary legal protocol. We have two boards, The Spiritual/Organizational Advisory Board and The Board of Directors.

The Spiritual Advisory Board is a disinterested group of advisors who currently or formerly run their own organizations where they offer insight and wisdom to the leadership teams as necessary. They carry no fiduciary responsibilities aside from accountable oversight to the CEO. 

The Board of Directors maintain all of our fiduciary responsibilities regarding salary approvals, accounting, pastoral licensing, budget management etc.  

Spiritual Leadership

Since our launch in 2016, we have maintained a collaborative staff and pastoral/teaching team that holds the weight of our Spiritual Leadership. 

It was our desire to refrain from titles such as "Lead Pastor" as we believe we are led by one Shepherd (Leader), Jesus. In doing so, our staff carries dynamic pastoral responsibilities for Community Development & Spiritual Formation, Community Care, Worship, Arts & Communications, Logistical Administration, and Family Development. These paid roles are held by unique individuals, and work along side each other, accountable to CEO/President.

We have a designated VOX Team Leader who carries the Community Development and Spiritual Formation responsibilities, which most of our team roles support and fulfill.

The Staff and Community Pastors serve as one collective Eldership of the community.


The tradition of teaching from the Bible has the ability to produce many resulting factors. Some of those results are not always positive, where the text has been used to oppress and mislead people toward personal agendas, political agendas, or other unintended idols. We strive to maintain incredible sensitivity to this unfortunate result.

In effort to prevent singularity and partiality, we employ and contract a small team of teachers to bring balance and perspective when teaching the Bible. 

Our commitment is to Make Jesus Beautiful. We do so in holding the Eucharist at center of our Sunday Gatherings, where teaching the Bible plays a role in presenting Jesus as the great equalizer. While we keep topics in mind, teaching the Gospel is central to our teaching tone, always offering that we are orienting people toward Jesus, resisting exclusive ideology that keep people distant from him. For us, a life of faith is about invitation, not coercion. Striving to become a people (and a place) that make the church and the people of Jesus, Safe to Belong.



Integrity and accountability were held with the utmost respect when reorganizing VOX's next leadership structure. The image below acts as a visual aid to understand how the leadership teams overlap in regards to shared care and responsibilities for the church. At the center, Community Pastors are the core leadership of our community. We have specifically placed a Community Pastor on each Board and team to act as a voice and representative for the community to speak into the objective decisions made by each board. 

Next Leadership Steps.009.jpeg

Accountability > Managing Future Crisis

Above, we explained that we separated the Organizational and Spiritual leadership roles. This was done so to maintain accountable integrity in moments of crisis. Should the President/CEO misappropriate the church's money or organizational direction, the Spiritual Advisory Board can vote to remove the position should the Staff & Community Pastors present a motion. The VOX Team Leader who pastors Community Development (Vision) & Spiritual formation can be terminated by the President/CEO should they feel their vision and direction is misappropriated. It is these two critical roles that typically become compromised in a singular "Lead Pastor" model where they carry both responsibilities, leaving the church in crisis should they suddenly resign or be removed. We also feel these gifts do not always come in one person, where we would rather maximize unique giftedness in their respected roles.


Our Staff

Screen Shot 2018-04-09 at 1.08.18 PM.png


President | CEO

Pastoring Family Development




Creative Director

Pastoring Worship & Gathering




VOX Team Leader

Pastoring Community & Spiritual Formation




Resident Worship Artist

Pastoring Worship Community & Music




Pastor and Teacher

Pastoring Care Training & Resources


Screen Shot 2018-04-09 at 1.10.07 PM.png


Logistics Director | Secretary

Pastoring Logistics & Administration 



Community Survey

If you currently or formerly attend VOX Community, we are gathering some more information as we develop vision and direction for this next season at the church. This is totally optional, but we'd love your feedback. This is information is totally private and is for our internal use only.

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