Since 2016, VOX is a registered 501(c)(3) – we are an official nonprofit. Currently, VOX is an all-volunteer organization. No one on the VOX ‘team’ is compensated in any way, other than being reimbursed for approved weekly expenses (like donuts).


As a 501(c)(3), VOX is required by the state of California to have an official Board of Governors, with at least three dedicated roles. This Board is selected by the community and serves on a term basis, rotating off after a period of 2-3 years.


As an all-volunteer organization, VOX is managed monthly, weekly, and daily by community volunteers. Certain areas of the church have volunteer ‘teams’ – like setup & tear-down – that are captained by one or two individuals.


Every year, the VOX Board sets a budget to cover the organization’s expenses. This budget is typically lean, with less than 20 line items (the biggest two being venue rental fee and insurance).

The organization is entirely funded by giving from the community. People can donate (or ‘tithe’) in person, via the secure box at our gatherings, or online.